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PWL Trading Products & Services is the sole distributor for KSA and UAE of Villa macchine products. This Italian brand, well know on the market, plus the staff of Powerline technicians and engineers grant to our customer the suitable an reliable partner for the mechanical jobs in the pipeline projects.

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paywelder mach1


  • Minipaywelder
  • Diesel engine 50 HP, low CO2 emission, rubber tracks, electric generator 25-30 KVA 400V-230V-48V
  • Inverter welding types: mig, mag, tic, special electrode; prearranged for polythylene welding
  • Telescopic illumination – Height 4 mt


paywelder mach2


  • Silened Eco Diesel engine 4C, 100 HP, generator – 80 kva cc, panel with available voltage 400V-230V-110V-48V
  • 1 to 4 inverter welder carrier: mig, mag, tig, special electrode
  • 15 bar air compressor with tank and safety accessories
  • 4 unit hydraulic cylinder carrier with multi gas mixer
  • Hydraulic rotary crane with welding tent (with 48V smoke extractors) or telescopic arm and protective welding tent


paywelder mach3


  • Diesel engine 160 HP, generator – 180 kva, panel with available voltage 400V-230V-110V-48V
  • General switchboard, IP 66
  • 1 to 4 inverter welder carrier mig, mag, tig, special electrode
  • 15 bar air compressor with tank and safety accessories
  • 6 unit hydraulic cylinder carrier with multi gas mixer
  • Telescopic hydraulic crane (7,6 m x 9,50) that operates at 340°, 30% slope arm full open
  • Welding tent ( with 48V smoke extractors)
  • Thermoventilated cabin – double speed


Automatic Welding Machine

automatic welding machine


Highly flexible and operational, low operating costs, interchangeable and appropriate for different types of machining setups. Everything in the respect of the environment (low consumption, low pollution emission, low noise) Designed and developed around man, highly ergonomically, appropriate for town situations.
Diesel engine HP 50, low CO2 emission, rubber tracks, Electic generator 25-30 Kwa 400V-230V-48V, Inverter welding types: mig, mag, tig, special electrode. Prearranged for polythylene welding, Telescopic illumination - H mt. 4 - different types of watts, Closable tool container, Head lights and rotating beacon light,Operator seat with man on board safety system, Automatic reversing buzzer, protection Roll-bar, Mini fire extinguisher.
It can be equipped with: Hydraulic wire winch, Induction system with 400 A welding rod for pipes up until 14"/16", Negative hydraulic brakes.

    TVS MACH 2

    Silenced Eco Diesel Engine 4C. HP 100 - Generator 80 Kwa cc - panel with available voltage 400V 230V 110V 48V, 1 to 4 inverter welding points: mig, mag, tig, special electrode prearranged for polythylene welding. Air compressor at 15 bar vessel and safety accessories, 4 unit hyraulic cylinder carrier with multi gas mixer, hydraulic rotary crane with welding tent (smoke extractors 48V included) or telescopic arm and protective welding tent, Thermoventilated cabin-double speed, Anatomically designed operator seat with man on board safety system, Closable tool containers, High capacity fire extinguisher, General switch board, protection level IP 66.
    It can be equipped with: Hydraulic wire winch of different types of voltage, Sandblaster with high efficiency rotary air compressor, Different undercarriage tracks (farm steel or tell and rubber or rubber), Negative brakes, Illuminations of different types of watts, Induction Inverter-Preheating Coil/BandCoil2011 - Thermal treatment, GPS, Radio controller.
    Available in custom made version:

    • Artic version -35°
    • Tropical version with air conditioning cabin and refrigerator on board
    • Amphibious version
    • Container transportation version

    TVS MACH 3

    Diesel Engine - HP 160 Generator - 180 Kwa - panel with available voltage 400V 230V 110V 48V, General switch board, protection level IP 66; 1 to 4 inverter welding points: mig, mag, tig, special electrode prearranged for polythylene welding. Air compressor at 15 bar vessel and safety accessories, 6 unit hyraulic cylinder carrier with multi gas mixer, Propane cylinder carrier, Telescopic hydraulic crane (mt.7,6x9,50) that operates at 340°, 30% slope arm full open, Welding tent (smoke extractors 48V included), Thermoventilated cabin-double speed, Anatomically designed operator seat with man on board safety system, Closable tool containers, High capacity fire extinguisher. It can be equipped with: Hydraulic wire winch of different types of voltage, Induction system - Inverter - Preheating Coil/Band Coil2011 - Thermal treatment,Automatic welding system, Sandblasting system, Different types of undercarriage tracks (farm steel or tell and rubber or rubber), Negative brakes, Illuminations of different types of watts, Radio controller.
    Available in custom made version:

    • Artic version -35°
    • Tropical version with air conditioning cabin and refrigerator on board
    • Amphibious version

    Automatic Welding System

    automatic welding system


    ARIANNA is an orbital automatic welding system created for all pipeline related applications including pipes with great wall thickness and connections.
    ARIANNA is controlled by an industrial PLC that allows great application flexibility and to obtain the best welding in any work conditions and on any type of steel. The purpose of all this is to maximize the production, guaranteeing high quality standards of the welded joint.
    ARIANNA is an open automatic system that allows interfacing with multiple devices, that is welders or external wire feeders, through analog or digital interfaces, and allows welding technicians and engineers to adapt the system, in the best way possible, to the position that needs to be performed.


    • Pipeline welding
    • Hot welding bend
    • Tie in welding
    • Prefabrication welding

    System Components

    • Control panel
    • Operator panel
    • Remote control
    • Welding heads
    • Welding power supply
    • Gas mixer
    • Power supply

      Induction System

      induction system

      The importance of fast, accurate and uniform heating as part of the pipeline welding specification has grown significantly. This has resulted from the increased use of heavy wall pipe and modern automatic and semi-automatic welding systems 0n/off shore pipeline.
      The benefits of the induction heating system are:

      • Much faster temperature rise than gas or resistance heating
      • Variable control over temperature or time parameters
      • Accurate, uniform heating over a controlled bandwidth and around the full pipe circumference( max Δt°C= 5/7)
      • Fast, accurate, reliable and cost-effective
      • Minimal damage (if any) to factory coating
      • Equipment is robust and reliable
      • Simple, lightweight, user-friendly equipment operation
      • Induction heat is 'direct into metal'
      • No deleterious surface residues are produced
      • No naked flames or exposed elements
      • Heat is localised and controlled
      • To ensure that temperature measurements stay within specification use probe temperature
      • Does away with the need to set aside a large storage area for gas
      • Unlike gas heating, the induction system is not impaired by very low ambient temperatures
      • Induction Pre-weld Heating

      Pipeline Induction Heat's pre-weld induction heating systems have been designed for both onshore and offshore field operation, at mainline / front end or double jointing locations. Originally engineered for use on large diameter heavy wall pipes, in association with automatic welding systems, induction pre-heat is equally useful where manual stick-welding is being employed during cold weather conditions.
      In certain circumstances, particularly for offshore fast production pipe lay using automatic welding systems, unexpected delays can disrupt the welding process on the lay barge firing-line.
      These 'hold-ups' can lead to degradation of the partially welded joint, which may require further filling before it is fully completed. To prevent degradation and embrittlement of the weld, which could lead to a negative NDT / X-ray result down line, VillaMacchine have designed a re-heat induction heating system. This consists of a hinged coil designed to pass heat into the localised area of the weld margin only.
      Post Weld Heat Treatment
      The post-weld induction heating system is intended for lay barge operation, for diameters ranging from 6" to 72", with no limit on wall thickness. Temperature ranges are typically 0 to 650°C.
      The purpose of induction post-heating is to provide a rapid, accurate heating cycle, to stress-relieve (anneal) a recently welded pipe joint. This is typically required following specialist automatic welding of very heavy wall pipe, which can result in embrittlement of the weld metal, leading to unacceptable 'hardness values'. To overcome this problem, the weld area must be subjected to a pre-calculated heat treatment programme, within the fast lay-barge welding production cycle.

      Bevelling Machine

      beveling machine

      The Villa Macchine's Pipe Facing Machines are the fastest cutting, most versatile and user friendly machines on the market today. Years of experience and the highest quality components are incorporated into every unit.
      The machines are powered by an hydraulic circuit as pipe layer.
      The PFM machines are designed to machine complex bevel required by automated pipeline welding systems, in addition the machines can be used for:

      • Producing clean, bright, perfect bevels for manual pipeline welding to maximize quality e minimize repairs
      • Machining modified bevels on heavy wall pipes to reduce metal volume, therefore reducing welding time
      • Machining transition tapers or counter bores when joining pipes of different wall thickness

      The machines have two major parts, the clamping section and the machining section. The clamp section has two sets of hydraulically powered clamping shoes that are designed to work equally and simultaneously.
      The machine is secured to the pipe by expanding the clamp shoes inside the pipe on PFM's range from 8" to 90" pipe. The machining sections of the machine consists of a rotating faceplate with four or six tool holders each holding tungsten carbide cutting tips.
      The tools can be set a wide variety of bevel designs and wall thicknesses, Each tool holder may cut a different bevel angle simultaneously .
      The PFM operation take from 2 to 6 minutes depending on pipe wall thickness and experience of the operator.
      The following documentation will be supply with the machine:

      • Use and maintenance manual
      • Spare parts book
      • CE certification
      • Test report

      Standard Features

      • High speed beveling
      • Quick adjustable from 48" to 60"
      • Interchangeable clamp section
      • The machine will be furnished with the clamp section to fit your project
      • Easily sets up to any bevel configuration
      • Repetitive, accurate bevels
      • Brush adapters eliminate both internal and external manual buffing, grinding or sanding

      Pneumatic Clamp

      pipe clamp

      The Pneumatic Clamp is used for a correct centering and alignment of pipes.
      For the translation, the machine can be provide of axial piston air motor and equipped for manual or automatic welding system.
      Its operational cycle is carried out with special pneumatic valves, that in production stage, are controlled manually or at a distance with an appropriate control rod.


        europipeline performer pipelayers


        Thanks to the patented automatic quick release of the tracks, the Pipelayer Performer GPL 1180, 980 and 720 can be shipped with standard open top containers or regular trucks allowing a great saving in terms of shipping costs and time.
        This flexible and technological solution guarantee the workflow continuity 24/7 at  site. If one of the component that can be dismantled is out of order, it can be immediately replaced with a spare one, while the damaged component can be easily repaired without stopping the laydown of the line.
        His patented solution is based on the long-time experience acquired in this industry, using the most advanced technologies resulting in a new generation of pipelayers with cutting edge solutions in terms of performance, safety and environmental protection.
        A complete range of pipelayers for any project
        The Performer pipelayer is available in four sizes according to the lifting capacity:

        • Performer 1180: with dismountable tracks and the exclusive double stage counterweight. Lifting capacity 118 tons.
        • Performer 980: the best seller of our catalogue, the original solution with dismountable tracks. Lifting capacity 98 tons. »Download
        • Performer 720: the perfect equipment for mid size pipes. It features the same patented dismountable solution of the bigger models. Lifting capacity 72 tons. »Download
        • Performer 450 (Available Soon!): the smaller brother, designers for excellent lifting performances in its category, featuring a variable gauge undercarriage for transport with standard trucks (2,5 m width). Lifting capacity 45 tons.

        Pipe Bending Machines

        europipeline pipe bending machines

        Bending is one of the most delicate processes in pipeline construction as remarked by the Contractors: our production is focused on efficient pipe bending machines, safe and easy to use.

        Customized pipe bending machines

        Our catalogue includes the light and cost effective machines for small diameters as well as cutting edge products, like the PBM-4856, designed to cover the most common big inches pipes keeping the equipment as light as possible. For more demanding project we have the special PBM-4860, able to bend pipes up to 60 inch – 40 mm wall thickness of X100 steel grade.

        Available models

        Euro Pipeline Group’s bending machines range is able to cover all onshore pipeline projects: from the very small flow lines 4” up to 60″ cross country transmission lines.
        High quality cylinders, in-house design, efficient and reliable engines (Yanmar or Caterpillar according to the size) ensure high availability and performance: 

        • Pipe Bending – PB 04”-16” (Yanmar Engine 17,6 kW, op. weight 2200 kg) »Download
        • Pipe Bending – PB 06”-20”(Yanmar Engine 35,4 kW, op. weight 7000 kg)
        • Pipe Bending – PB 06”-24” (Yanmar Engine 35,4 kW, op. weight 7500 kg) »Download
        • Pipe Bending – PB 16”-30” (Yanmar Engine 35,4 kW, op. weight 13000 kg) »Download
        • Pipe Bending – PB 22”-36” (Yanmar Engine 47,5 kW, op. weight 21000 kg) »Download
        • Pipe Bending – PB 36”-48” (Caterpillar Engine 129 kW, op. weight 58000 kg) »Download
        • Pipe Bending – PB 48”-56” (Caterpillar Engine 168 kW, op. weight 70000 kg) »Download
        • Pipe Bending – PB 48”-60” (Caterpillar Engine 168 kW, op. weight 110000 kg) »Download

        Hydraulic Wedge Mandrels


        Euro Pipeline Group Hydraulic Wedge Mandrels provide proper internal support to the pipe during the delicate bending operation for a result without buckling or damage to the coating.
        The mandrel can be fed directly from the bending machines auxiliary hydraulic valves or by an independent power unit.
        The range of Euro Pipeline Group mandrels cover:

        • Up to 16”: spindle mandrels to be positioned by hand
        • 18” to 36”: with single hydraulic motor and n°2 driving wheels. Pinion-Sprocket transmission type.
        • 40” to 56”: with twin hydraulic motor and n°2 driving wheels. Pinion-Sprocket transmission type
        • According to particular requirements, EPG can design and fabricate custom-cut hydraulic wedge mandrels.


        Multipurpose Tractors

        induction system

        TP-15 AND TP-18 TRACTORS


        TPOur TP tracked vehicles family is the perfect solution for pipeline welding and not only. It has been designed in compliance with the most common requirements of pipeline contractors: it is very light, flexible and stable, with plenty of room for equipment and easy access to the platform.
        The TP-15 and TP-18 are designed to be easily maintained at site. All its components such as motors, cranes, hydraulics etc… are easily accessible and have been selected from top suppliers with a global after sales network: Customers are served in any place of the world.
        Special care has been dedicated to the comfort of the driver:

        • the crane and the gas bottle rack can be operated from the cabin
        • the engine is sound proof
        • the cabin is mounted on shock adsorber for best comfort
        • upon request  A\C, Webasto and rear camera can be installed

        Also safety has been taken into account and all the TP tractors adopt ROPS protection for the operators.
        To give the maximum flexibility at site the platform is bolted to the frame: it can be replaced with other customized accessories and the tractor can be converted  in several versions such as:

        • Automatic Welding
        • Dumper
        • Crew transportation
        • Sandblasting
        • Induction Heating
        Two sizes for any need

        The TP-15 is a 10 tons vehicle light and easy to transport thanks to its 2,5 m width. It’s a bestseller in its sector and has been successfully used at site in South America, Europe, Middle East and North Africa. It’s the perfect piece of equipment for the mainline.
        When carrying capacity is not enough the TP-18 is then the best choice: thanks to it 2,7 m width ensure a high stability together with impressive payload up to 8 tons. Ideal for double torch automatic welding systems or multiple inverter manual welding or to bring all the crew in line when steep areas need to be reached.

        Welding Equipment Services

        In order to provide a turn-key product Europipeline can deliver the paywelder already fitted with top brand welding inverters from Miller and Lincoln together with a dedicated diesel generator correctly sized for a reliable and quality welding at site.

        Line-Up Clamps

        europipeline line-up clamps

        Euro Pipeline Group manufacture internal line-up clamps both for manual automatic welding systems.Thanks to a well proven design our clamps provide the best alignment of the pipe ends before welding the root pass: they guarantee the maximum radial force to align the pipes in a precise and robust way saving time and increasing productivity.
        All our clamps are in house manufactured and equipped with the best, safest and most reliable components available on the market. Over 40” the clamps are equipped with two pneumatic motors in order to ensure the proper displacement speed and enough power to operate in slope up to 20°.
        For a cheap and effective solution for small projects we also have available External Line up clamps (both manual or hydraulic with jack up to 20 tons).


        Roller Cradle

        europipeline roller cradle

        Euro Pipeline Group Roller cradles are used in pipeline lay down operation. The rollers evenly distribute the pressure on the pipe, avoiding the risk of cracking the welds and preserving the coating.
        The use of urethane rollers also eliminates the risk of damaging the polyethylene or FBE pipe coating that can occur using regular steel wheel cradles.
        In addition high standard ropes made in Italy are provided with the cradle in order to ensure long lasting life and safe operation at site.
        The Euro Pipeline Group roller cradles can be easily disassembled for fast site repair and maintenance and optimized storage and transport.
        The Euro Pipeline Group roller cradles comply with all applicable standards and are CE certified. 

        Available models:
        • RC6-12 (single string or double string)
        • RC12-24
        • RC24-36
        • RC36-48
        • RC48-60


        Vacuum Lift

        europipeline vacuum lift

        Euro Pipeline Group manufacture since 20 years its in-house designed vacuum lifts 9 and 13 tons, nowadays widely used for safe handling of the pipes in stockyards. For better handling performance the vacuum lifter can be adopted to replace hooks, sling etc… by a single equipment easy to use providing shorter time for handling the line pipes.

        The suction pads are interchangeable and with just few sizes they can cover all the line pipe diameters and weights.The vacuum unit is independent and can be installed on a  crane or an hydraulic excavator.



          To complete the extensive range of product for pipeline contractors Euro Pipeline Group design and manufacture reliable filling and high pressure pumps, engine driven or manual.
          The motorised filling pumps are centrifugal pumps that can achieve great flow rate for a fast fill up of the pipeline section before the hydrotest.
          Once filled in, the High Pressure pumps provide excellent pipeline pressurisation.
          The engine driven pumps designed by Euro Pipeline Group may be used to fill and pressurize pipelines efficiently: we can design them  according to specific client’s requirements and complying with the strictest benchmarks in terms of safety and environmental protection.

          Skid Rollers

          Skid rollers are another example of the integrated handling solution of Euro Pipeline Group. Our roller cradles are specifically designed according to the characteristic of the line to be pulled in the sea, in a crossing or handled within a prefabrication yard.

          Rollers are high quality urethane elements used for several applications in several pipeline projects and the frame is robust and easy to access for cylinders maintenance.