Our Partners.

partner bolzoni meyer


BOLZONI AURAMO Meyer is s the largest lift truck attachment manufacturer in Europe. Supplying leading equipment for general handling and forest products, as well as custom – designed solutions for special applications for customers on demand, including forklift truck attachments, lifting tables, forks, hand pallet trucks, paper roll clamps, bale clamps, other specialized handling attachments, palletless handling products including push pull, integral and hook-on side shifts, fork positioners, carton clamps, fork clamps, bale clamps and parallel clamps.

More info: www.bolzoni-auramo.it

partner villa macchine


Villa Machine is a specialist manufacturer in equipment for the pipeline industry, with vast experience and capability to design and manufacture innovative machinery in the field of manual and automatic welding. Villa Machine products are known for the ease of use, energy saving, low-maintenance and operating costs with compliance to ‘complete eco-friendly environment. With the design, development and production of the induction system Villa Machines meets the complete range of equipment and accessory needs of the pipeline industry.

More info: www.villamacchine.it

    partner mesit

    MESIT S.r.l.

    Mesit is an engineering and construction company developed from experienced specialist group, established since 1970, to offer a set of engineering services tailored to cover the needs of a wide range of industrial applications. Our Business Sectors are: oil/gas and petrochemical, manufacturing, energy and infrastructures. Mesit is particularly devoted  to complement its production with services assisting the Customer with the world-wide production interchangeability to the desired level. The success optained is mainly due to our extremely flexible organisation and a  production line looking at the nuclear equipment and standardisation as to the guide to an optimised quality and technological development, to be then offered to the whole Construction and Process industry.

    More info: www.mesit.com

    partner sole costruzioni


    Founded in 1970 by the Barbieri brothers, Antonio and Luciano, SOLE COSTRUZIONI started its activity with the production of earthmoving machinery. After a few years, in which it received plaudits and acclaim, the decision was taken to enter the emerging field of high pressure cleaners, applying the concepts of robustness and functionality, which were precisely those applied to construction equipment. The company soon distinguished itself both for its exclusive production of high pressure cleaners with metal structural work and for its flexibility in tailoring their technical specifications to the customer’s specific requirements. The company is still run by the Barbieri brothers’ heirs, supported by capable staff, who are taking the SOLE brand forward with professionalism and determination, looking optimistically to the future and its innovations but not forgetting the lessons learned from the past and from its founders.

    More info: info@powerline-sa.com

    partner siderarco


    An Italian welding electrodes factory.
    The company start the welding electrodes production in Turin on 1947 under the name Rapidarco. At 1979 the factory is moving in Polonghera changing its name as SIDERARCO S.p.A., in an inbuilding surface of 3600 sq.m, laying on a field of 12.000 sq.m. Company technologically well equipped and of high performance, with all its resources, focus on the “special” electrodes development, answering to a more and more demanding market. On 2007 Siderarco obtained the ISO 9001 certificate and the Factory Production Control certificate, which permits to apply the CE mark on some of its products. Additionally Siderarco is able to supply machinery for the welding electrodes production, providing assistance and know-how.

    More info: www.siderarco.com

    partner dececco workwear


    Design and functionality have been always the distinctive feature of the creativity and the manufacturing of our garments for workwear. All of our lines are characterized by the use of innovative materials and for the high degree of resistance, suitable for every need: each model is designed and made for who wears it in their daily work.

    Protective clothing
    Safety in work environments also arises from an appropriate clothing for any condition. For this we have adopted the paradigm of “Total Safety” for products that guarantee at the same time maximum safety according to standards provided by national and international regulations and a high comfort of use.

    More info: www.dececco.net

    partner sole costruzioni

    LAPPE S.n.c

    Global Service Provider
    LAPPE born in Chieti in 1972 by Mr.Giovanni Di Muzio. taking on the commerciai activity specia­lizing in the production of welded plastic adhesive transfer and screen printing. In activity for more than 45 years with the second generation, passed on the love for this work to his sons. Mr.Ismo and Mr. Nando Di Muzio.

    Protective clothing
    The company is engaged with great success. To promote the best world solutions that today the market offers in the field or advertising.

    More info: www.lappe.it

    partner weco


    Weco a brand of PWL Oil & Gas Service Provider, with selected manufacturing and products of the highest quality welding, cutting and jointing products. All of our products are made in Italy or in few cases in the EU. The product testing is the main focus of the production process and involves the overall quality and safety of our products. Our passion for the development and application of innovative technologies allows to create complete packaged solution that allows our customers to be more productive, economical and successful.

    More info: info@powerline-sa.com