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Scrubber Machine

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CFC-beachcleaning machimes

In our continuous strive for looking into the possibilities of serving the markets with new ventures and innovative ideas PWL Trading Products & Services have ventured into the field of sales & services of world renowned brand “Fiorentini” cleaning equipments.
We now have the distribution of all Fiorentini products for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

PWL in the constant development of any kind of cleaning solution joined with CFC Italy to promote their beach cleaning equipments and services in all the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Any inquiries related to their products can be emailed to

mechanical workshop

Mechanical Wokshop.

PWL Trading Products & Services is able to supply equipments for cleaning mechanical workshop.

  • The new parts washer, always on hand.
  • Rolling pack liquid absorbent.
fiorentini sanitizing machines

Sanitizing Machines.

  • Ecosmile San
  • ICM 42 teb San
vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaners.

  • Jaguar battery
  • Whisper
  • Euro 390
  • B2004
  • Aspirik
  • Aspirotto
  • Clean Air series
  • Serie F series
scrubber machine

Scrubber Machines.

  • DeLuxe 50E Vap
  • Ecostar
  • Unica
  • Terminator
  • Smile 70-75-80
  • IMC series
  • Giampy
  • Eco series


  • AF 6000 Road Sweeper
  • SP 500
  • S series
  • Mini Sweeper

Beach Cleaners.

  • Baby Tapiro
  • Sprint Tapiro
  • Speed Tapiro
  • Maxi Tapiro
  • Big Tapiro
  • Appendix
  • Optionals

plus cleaning

Spare Parts & Service Back up.

Our technicians are well trained and operative through out the contry operating directly by the customers with their fully equipped service vans. The service is granted in 36/48 hours from first call.

Our stock taking system and stock availability is granting shipment of products within 24/36 hours from receipt of the orders.

Our Brands.

partner Forentini Middle East
partner IPC euromop
partner Santoemma
partner IPC india
partner IPC india
CFC beach cleaner

PWL also have distribution for the world renowned brands of Janitorial and cleaning equipments such and many more additions of innovative cleaning products & techniques will be added in near future.

  • IPC Euromop” (Italy) Janitorials
  • ALDA Poland
  • Santoemma (Italy) Carpet and washroom cleaning equipment
  • IPC (Italy) High pure water cleaning systems
  • ALVI (Italy) Hospital Logistics
  • CFC (Italy) Beach cleaning machines

We have a display of some of our equipments and products at our showroom in Azizia (Alkhobar).

We look forward to your enquiries to serve your cleaning needs. We remain at your disposal at all times: